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I encrypted my external microSD card on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android Version 4.4.2) and then I formatted it. After formatting it, I ran it through a recovery program and realised that the encrypted photos were accessible for recovery. As a second test, I took a new photo, encrypted my external microSD card, formatted the card, then ran it through the recovery program and found that the new photo I took was also retrievable.
How come encrypted photos can still be retrieved? And is it worth it encrypting my files if they're so easily accessed like this?
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Photos are saved in digital form in various data storage devices. One of the most popularly used data storage device is SD card and most of the people save their photos in SD card as it offer safer storage, portability and quick access. One can also encrypt the photos saved in SD card. There are various third party application and software that can help you to encrypt photos and SD card.

Encryption is used to avoid unauthorized access of data. Only the person having password or key, can decrypt and access the data. But sometimes encrypted SD card gets inaccessible due password forgot or it gets corrupted dues various reasons and hence you cannot access your encrypted SD card as well as photos stored within it.

Reasons responsible for the loss of photos from Encrypted SD cards are:

Trying to access encrypted SD card by providing wrong password several times, which is one of the reasons that can corrupt encrypted SD card.
  • Using the same encrypted SD card on several devices like mobile, digital camera, camcorders or on virus infected device can damage its file system and makes the card inaccessible.
  • Other reasons like formatting the encrypted SD card, improperly ejecting SD card, taking photos when there is no free memory, etc can turn your encrypted SD card corrupt that result in photo loss.
  • In any of the above mentioned scenarios, users lose their precious photos from encrypted SD card. 
But you should not worry at all. With the help of Photo Recovery software, you can easily get back photos from encrypted SD card.

Encrypted SD Card Photo Recovery Software

Photo Recovery which is available for both Windows and Mac users, is the most suitable and it is strongly recommended software that can help you to retrieve back photos from SD card that is encrypted or protected by password. 

This software can restore almost all formats of photos such as jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, psd, etc. Besides images, it also restores videos as well audio file formats.  It can recover files from all memory cards and brands such as SD, miniSD, microSD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, MMC, XQD and other flash memory card.

So, what are you waiting for just download and install Photo Recovery and recover photos from encrypted SD card. 

I restarted my phone and when it came back on I keep getting this error “Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System”. I removed the card then put it back in and it still does this. If I click the error it pops up and asks me if I want to format. any suggestions?                                                             - Original Post from Android Central Forum
Like other data storage devices, mobile phone SD card also gets damaged or corrupted and it display “Blank SD card” or “SD card is blank or has unsupported filesystem”. 

The corruption to SD card can occur due to several reasons, such as:
  • Wrong usages of memory card
  • Virus/malware attack
  • Improper/abrupt removal of card from the device
  • Using the same SD card on multiple devices
So, above mentioned reasons are some of the common causes that can easily damage or corrupt the SD card and makes the data inaccessible stored within the card.

Is it Possible to Restores Files from SD card showing “Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System”?

Though memory card display SD is blank or has unsupported file system error, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get back files stored within it. For this you have to make sure that you have stopped using the card and do not add any new data on it, just to avoid data overwriting. Also do not try to format the card.

There are few ways that you can try to fix this error and restore your valuable data from SD card, no matter how any why you get blank SD card error notifications.

Ways To Recover Data from SD Card with Blank or Unsupported File System Error

Follow below mentioned solutions that can help you to fix Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System and recover data from it:

Way #1: Reboot or Switch OFF the Phone

The phone will ask you to format the blank SD card, but never every try to format card at this situation. First thing that you should do is to Switch OFF and Switch ON or Reboot the Phone and check problem is solved or not. If not then follow the next solution.

Way #2: Remove the SD card and Re-Insert It

Pull out the SD card from the device like mobile phone, digital camera, etc and after 10-15 seconds re-insert the card and check problem is solved or not. You can try this process for several times and hope your device read the card.

Way #2: Use Photo Recovery Software To Restore Media Files From SD Card

If above mentioned solution does not help you, then you can use world popular and widely used Photo Recovery tool that will help you to retrieve media files such as photos, videos and audio files from SD card displaying “Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System” error message. 

The software also support other media storage devices such as all models and brands of memory cards, USB flash drive, hard drive, external hard drive, digital cameras/camcorders, etc to recover only photos, videos and audio files.

For other two solutions to fix “Blank SD Card or Has Unsupported File System” error message, please visit: http://www.rescuedigitalmedia.com/solved-blank-memory-card-unsupported-file-system-error

Everyone love to take better photos, whether you are beginner or amateur, but photography is one of the hardest courses and everyone could not become the master photographer.

Summary: Photo Recovery software is well designed to recover data from a dead SD card, and the recovery process is very simple and in just few steps you can restore media files from a dead sd card.

YouTube is a website that is created for uploading and sharing video files. There are millions and billions of users out there who have created their account on the site and upload and share their videos so that anyone can watch them.

I have deleted my movies folders accidentally with SHIFT+ DELETE, about 500 GB of my favorite movies gone. My movies folders contained Hollywood movies of different categories like horror, action, sci-fi, cartoon, suspense, thriller, adventure and many more. But now all gone! So, is there any way or software that can help me to restore my deleted movies. Please help me!

I have Canon 7D Mark II Digital camera and I have shot a collection of videos files that I have captured on my holiday trip. These HD video files are in MOV file format. But it was my bad luck and unfortunately I have lost and deleted all of my recorded videos from my camera. I was deleting unwanted files but by mistake due to wrong operation, all MOV files got deleted. Since, I have no backup, is there any way to recover deleted HD MOV video files from Canon 7D Mark II camera?